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Mad Aces – The best mix between Flappy Bird and Endless Run comes to Android!

How about a game to pass the time, but with beautiful graphics and a good challenge? Meet Mad Aces, a mix of endless racing game with the infamous Flappy Bird. With beautiful graphics and challenging gameplay, this game will require several hours of your day!

In Mad Aces, you control a rather strange hero, who flies through a jetpack towards death: in this respect he remembers Flappy Bird a lot. The difference is that Mad Aces is a game that has more refined and detailed graphics, and the obstacles are quite diverse. In some cases, it is not necessary to make deviations, because the game character breaks them with the head. In addition, he also shoots fireballs to destroy them.

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Mad Aces for Android. Destroy the obstacles! / Google Play
<p>But if you enjoy the difficulty of Flappy Bird, be happy, as Mad Aces is also very difficult and challenging and of course extremely addictive. As you play, you accumulate points and pick up objects along the way to release other characters, one of which is death. Or, if you prefer, d to buy them directly within app.</p>
<p>The game is available for Android 4.0 or higher, requires 42MB of space. It's worth the download!</p>
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Mad aces
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