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Little Ripper Lifesaver Lifeboat identifies 90% accurate sharks

The drone Little Ripper Lifesaver recently won a national innovation award at Australia for its ability to differentiate sharks from 16 other marine life.

The gadget product of an Australian bank initiative Westpac, which has a lifeguard helicopter service project for 42 years. The operation was created in 1973 by Surf Life Saving Australia, and sponsored by the financial institution.

Little Ripper Lifesaver is the newest chapter of this initiative, and comes with the promise of being better than humans at shark identification. According to its manufacturers, it has 90% accuracy in the search for marine threats.

"It can really detect the difference between a dolphin and a shark, and between sharks and so many other types of marine life."– Michael Blumenstain, Software Professor, Sydney University of Technology

A system of artificial intelligence algorithms called SharkSpotter used by the drone to learn how to better identify sharks over time.

"Human-operated air flights are less than 20% accurate, our drones are very efficient, non-evasive and non-destructive."– Eddie Bennet of the Little Ripper Initiative

Lifesaver is able to share information captured in real time with emergency services, lifeguards and users in the water. The gadget can identify surfers, swimmers, boats, sunbathers and other objects in the water.

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