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Linux is now in 100% of the Top 500 Supercomputers in the world!

Not for anyone on supercomputers, Linux is in 100% of the Top 500.

Top 500 Supercomputers Run Linux According to the list of, all Supercomputers on the list now run Linux. Of course, one of the questions we can ask: Since they all run with the Linux kernel, what distributions are used in these "monsters"?

The answer to that is relatively simple and it has everything to do with the open code philosophy and the characteristics of Linux. These are custom distributions for each Supercomputer, such as the "Sunway RaiseOS", which runs on what is currently the world's fastest Supercomputer, the "Sunway TaihuLight", which is located in China and has over 650,000 processors.

Among the known distros, 5 computers in this TOP 500 run Ubuntu, 20 use Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and 109 run Cent OS, the free version of Red Hat EL.

The code manageability, efficiency, security and robustness guarantee the preference for Linux as a platform for these super machines that can process up to 93 data petaflops, which is the case of the fastest supercomputer, however, the Chinese intend to increase this capacity by 33%. , coming soon to just over 120 petaflops.

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