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Learn how to read WhatsApp messages without turning off blue ticks

After the blue ticks were introduced, users opposed to the addition soon disabled the feature in WhatsApp settings. However, there is a very popular trick that makes it possible to read messages without marking them as viewed. Still don't know? Keep up.

With this trick, you can read messages without your contacts knowing and you don't have to disable blue ticks. The first step is to enable WhatsApp popup notifications.

(Source: VisualHunt)
  • Go to Settings / Settings, proceed to Notifications;

  • Open WhatsApp and make sure notification blocking is off.

Therefore, when you receive a message, you do not go to the application. Lock the screen and read the message content in the lock screen notifications. So the application will not trigger the blue tick and you have already read much of the message you received!

Because it is simple, it is quite popular. But if you did not know and found out with us, comment below to use the gambiarra. Stay tuned on TecMundo for more news.

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