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Intel accelerates 5G modem production that may appear on iPhones by 2020

The novel that represents the relationship Intel and Apple It develops on several fronts: on one of them, dating is about to end the prospect of Apple adopting Mac chips of its own, perhaps by 2020; in another, we are in a kind of rain-and-go with regard to 5G modems that may or may not be employed by future iPhones.

In the latest news about the latter case, we said that Intel would have missed the opportunity to equip the 2020 iPhones with its 5G modems because of a possible approach of Ma with MediaTek; This, however, would not yet be the definitive case, and the California giant would still be Cupertino's favorite. Now a new chapter can put more sleeve cloth in the story.

Intel itself issued a statement today stating that its first 5G modem, called XMM 8160, is ahead of schedule and go into production more than six months ahead of schedule, going into the hands of smartphone and mobile device manufacturers already in the second half of 2019. With this, the first devices equipped with the giant chip could emerge on the market as early as 2020.

Intel's modem is quite powerful: even smaller than a dime, it supports all the specifications of the new 5G NR standard as well as support for all previous networks (4G, 3G and 2G), all on the same chip. It is capable of offering up to 6Gbps connection speed, supports the high frequency (mmWave) spectrum and also other lower wave bands.

What is not known, yet, if Apple will embark on the news presented by the partner and open the new chip for iPhones 2020. Certainly Intel counts on this, since basically all manufacturers on the side of Android have gone to the side. from Qualcomm (which, remember, is broken with Ma) and will use their 5G solutions as soon as they are ready.

This dispute will be interesting.

via The Verge