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Independence of Brazil: Google Celebrates September 7th with Doodle | Internet

Independence of Brazil is the subject of a special Google Doodle this Saturday (7), when the country celebrates 197 years of Portugal's emancipation. The art on the homepage of the search engine brings a starry blue globe in the center, referring to the 27 Brazilian states, and the letters that form the word Google around, in green and yellow colors. By clicking on the image, the user redirected to a list of results about the date.

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Doodle for Independence Day 2019 Photo: Reproduction / GoogleDoodle for Independence Day 2019 Photo: Reproduction / Google

Doodle for Independence Day 2019 Photo: Reproduction / Google

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The date marks the famous Ipiranga Cry, when Dom Pedro I proclaimed Brazil's Independence from the then Portuguese Empire. Although it took place in 1822, the act was recognized by the Portuguese crown in August 1825, with the Treaty of Peace and Aliana. The agreement provided for the payment of an indemnity of two million pounds sterling so that the country officially ceased to be a colony of Portugal and began to organize itself as it is not improper.

The national holiday is celebrated with festivals, concerts and civic-military parades in various capitals of Brazil, with emphasis on what happens at the Esplanada dos Ministrios in Braslia. The traditional celebrations come back year after year, thousands of Brazilians.

This is the 13th consecutive year that Google celebrates Independence of Brazil with a special doodle. Since 2006 the searcher brings illustrations and animated arts with themes common to the national territory, ranging from cultural traits, such as football, to natural aspects of the country, such as the richness of fauna and flora. Also, flag references are always present in the tributes.

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The Google Doodles Story

The Google Doodles Story

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