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Icelandic App Promises to Avoid Incest

Important questions before the first sex in Iceland: Do you have a condom ?, Do you take the pill? … Are we cousins? – An app promises to avoid inappropriate family reunions.

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Surprise? Better on the smartphone than in bed. / AndroidPIT

Incest involuntary a big problem on a small island like Iceland, with only 320,000 inhabitants and very few foreigners. The chance to meet someone with the same ancestors in a big bar or nightclub. In fact, the number of families in the country is so limited that their histories are recorded in a book dating back to the eighteenth century, the Islendigabook.

Now Icelandic boyfriends no longer need to consult their own family tree before they actually get in the way: an app called IslendigaApp uses Islendigabook data and reports, in a matter of seconds, the kinship of the potential mate. Just download the app and bring the two smartphones closer. In the case of kinship, an alarm will ring.

The developers of IslendigaApp, which already has more than 5,000 users, advertise the app with the following slogan Bump the app before you bump in bed, which in a very free translation could be Download the app before downloading the pants.

What do you think of this idea?

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