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Ice Rage | AndroidPIT

Ice Rage should be, according to its developers, the most popular smartphone team sports game in the US and 70 other countries. It sounds a little exaggerated on their part, but one thing we can say: the game is nonetheless fun and exciting. Want to know if this goes? So read our review today.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy NexusAndroid version: 4.2.2Root: NoMods: None

Ice Rage requires 36MB of space to download, which is best to install in situations where the smartphone is connected to a WiFi network. The authorizations do not pose any more serious problem, especially since Herocraft developers are well known. for designing other games like Catch The Candy Free, for example.

Ice Rage can be played in Single or Multiplayer mode. In the first, two teams composed of a goalkeeper and a striker face off. In Quick Match, the game will last for 1.45 minutes with the possibility of overtime in the event of a tie. In Championship, you will need to decide the tactics of the game before a match. After each victory, the user will be able to hone players' skills, whether speed, strength or technique.

The last mode is called Rage Off and is to score as many points as possible, reducing the resistance of the opposing players. This mode consists of three matches, in which players have no way to recover their lives.

In Multiplayer it is possible to play in split screen, which makes this mode more interesting on larger screens. The choice of teams and characters is quite wide, and it is even possible to buy special players for 0.99 or $ 2.60. The problem that the game itself has already paid for …


Ice Rage is undoubtedly a great smartphone hockey game. It's a lot of fun, but it's not that game that will hold players' attention for so long. Anyway, it is still a great entertainment with its different levels of difficulty. Among all smartphone hockey games, this was the best we have ever seen.

Screen & Controls

Ice Rage has a great graphic resolution. Their animations are adapted to comics. Controls, in turn, are very easy to assimilate and use, and you can choose between different control methods, with one or two buttons. For Multiplayer mode, we advise you to use the latter.

Speed ??& Stability

Ice Rage worked very well and showed no slowness or interruption during our tests. That is, in this category everything worked perfectly.

Price / Performance Ratio

Ice Rage can be purchased for 0.72 on the AndroidPIT App Center. The game was very well developed and offers several options. Some additional characters can be unlocked from the app's internal store.


4.8 (95.56%) 27 votes