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How to optimize your profile and get a job with LinkedIn

Did you know that 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn regularly to find candidates? The data was released by Kinsta and shows the platform's potential in finding job openings. To help you accomplish this, we have listed 5 tips for boosting your LinkedIn profile:

1. Recommendations

LinkedIn itself describes a recommendation as a statement that is written by a LinkedIn member to acknowledge or compliment a connection, such as a colleague, business partner or student. People viewing your profile often read the recommendations you received from your connections to see what others have to say about your work.

Request recommendations from your 1st degree connections that value your work, services or products. It's always a good idea to ask managers, coworkers, and customers to write a recommendation about your work on your LinkedIn profile.

2. Location

Surveys indicate that about 30% of recruiters use advanced resources such as location to refine their searches and find specific candidates. This means you can't forget to fill in your current or desired location when looking for a new job on the platform.

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