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How to install WhatsApp on an Android tablet!

When we think of popular Android apps, we inevitably don't remember WhatsApp. However, one of the most used messenger apps at the moment does not offer official support for tablets. After the announcement of the WhatsApp web client, it is now easier to access the service using the tablet. However, as some users do not yet have this new feature, below you will also find two other ways to install and use the WhatsApp application on your Android tablet.

How to install WhatsApp on tablet with WhatsApp Web access

With the WhatsApp Web page online, enabling the service via a QR code using Chrome allows you to talk to your contacts via the web without having to use the app on your mobile phone. This made messenger use possible on tablets from a trick as well. To access the WhatsApp Web page from your tablet (https://web.whatsapp) you will need to set up Chrome on your desktop smartphone by clicking on the browser menu and then selecting the "Desktop Version" option like shown below.

whatsapp web tablet chrome
After you set Chrome to desktop version, the page will open as in the PC browser. / ANDROIDPIT
whatsapp web tablet
Just like on PC, using WhatsApp via the web works the same way! / ANDROIDPIT

How to install WhatsApp on tablet without WhatsApp Web access

As you know, WhatsApp does not require you to register your email address to use the service, just your phone number. Thus, all contacts on your list using the app will be automatically added as contacts in the software. As I said earlier, there are two ways to use WhatsApp on a tablet without WhatsApp Web access, but neither allows you to sync your conversations to the same account, because when you authenticate an account on a mobile device, you can only use it connected. to this device in question. That's why we can't use on the tablet, the same account we use on the smartphone, and so on. However, you can still install WhatsApp on tablets using your own phone number or a second contact.

1. Install WhatsApp on a tablet using your phone number

Just as you use WhatsApp on your smartphone, you can use it on your tablet. Only you will need to use your phone number to validate the account, and this will result in the loss of the application on the mobile phone.

2. Install WhatsApp on a tablet using a second phone number.

The second – and less painful – option is to buy a second SIM card, possibly on a prepaid plan, and use this number to validate the WhatsApp account on the tablet. This is the best option as you can continue to use the service on your smartphone at the same time. However, you will need to add all your contacts to this new phone number as the account created for tablet use will be different from the one used on your smartphone.

Step by step install WhatsApp on a tablet

1. Download WhatsApp APK from the app's official website, directly from the tablet. To do so, open the device browser and type www.whatsapp/android/.

whatsapp android tablet 5
Download WhatsApp apk right from the official site! / ANDROIDPIT

2. After the apk download is complete, install the app normally and open the app.

whatsapp android tablet 6
Open the WhatsApp app! / ANDROIDPIT

3. Enter the mobile phone number in question, your own phone number or the second option.

whatsapp android tablet 1
Enter the phone number you will link to your account! / ANDROIDPIT
whatsapp android tablet 2
Confirm the phone number for authentication. / ANDROIDPIT

4. Since your tablet does not receive an SMS with the code to validate the account, there will be a failed authentication message. At this time, we will have the option to ask the service to call the above number. Click on "Call me", answer the call and enter the six character code in the space provided. Importantly, the phone in question must be able to receive calls, so it is no use just buying a second chip, it will have to be set up to receive calls until WhatsApp is fully functioning on the tablet.

whatsapp android tablet 4
After receiving the message that failed to send the message, click "call me" and enter the activation code informed by the service voice message! / ANDROIDPIT

5. Follow WhatsApp setup instructions to the end and you can enjoy the messenger on your tablet!

whatsapp android tablet 3
Once your account is activated, just start typing! / ANDROIDPIT

I tested the process without access to WhatsApp Web on a Nexus 7 2012 and Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact successfully. However, it may be that on some specific tablet model, installing WhatsApp is not possible.

And, do you know any other ways to use WhatsApp on a tablet? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

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