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How to enable support for Streamlabs on OBS on Linux

The Streamlabs site helps boost the audience momentum for all streamears, whether they do it via YouTube or TwitchTV. Open Broadcaster Studio (OBS) is one of the leading software for this kind of activity, with versions for all platforms including Linux. Today you will learn how to install Streamlabs feature support on your OBS.

StreamLabs Linux OBS Tutorial

There are overlays we can add to our streamings that come from information from some sites, especially the Streamlabs These components are added to the Open Broadcaster Studio (OBS) scenes via a plugin to embed content from the internet, something that is unfortunately not available natively in the Linux version of OBS.

Nevertheless, it is possible to enable this plugin in a very simple way and this is what you will learn now.

How to add support for browser content in OBS Linux

I want to thank the NiltonOS, our Diolinux EAD teacher, who helped me find the solution to this problem and also to him who created the version compiled with the codec NVENC from OBS for Linux, which makes life easier for all of us who create video content for the internet.

To add Web content support to your Open Broadcaster Studio on Linux, including Streamlabs, you first need to install OBS:

Once you have your OBS already up and running, simply run these three commands on the terminal to create Web content support on it:

mkdir -p $ HOME / .config / obs-studio / plugins


tar xfvz linuxbrowser0.2.0-obs18.0.1-64bit.tgz -C $ HOME / .config / obs-studio / plugins

Works on any distribution. Once this is done, when opening your OBS you will find an option called Linux browser.

See you next time!


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