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How to download apps on your Android smartphone

Android users have hundreds of thousands of app and game options available on the Google Play Store, Google's app store. To enjoy all of these options, you must have a smartphone from a manufacturer that offers Google's operating system. Asking the most experienced users, and considering that a large number of Brazilians have bought or will buy their first Android, today we will show you how to download Android apps via PC and smartphone.

How to download apps on your smartphone using PC

One of the big breakthroughs in the Android app market came a long time ago with the ability to install apps on smartphones or tablets through the computer without having to plug in the machine. The first step is to check if your phone is connected to the internet via 3G or Wi-Fi. Then open the Google Play Store site on your computer via this link and sign in at the top right corner of the page (Important: the account you use on Play Store must be from a Gmail email, same as linked to your Android device).

So, after choosing the application you want to download – use the quick search box – you should see the application name as well as its icon and a green box with the word Install, as in the image below:

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An example of a desktop app on the Google Play Store. / ANDROIDPIT
<p>Clicking Install opens a new window where Google Play informs you of the app's permissions if it contains internal purchases and a menu for you to choose which device you want to install on if you have more than one registered. After verifying all data, click Install again to complete the process:</p>
<figure><img alt=

Immediately, an icon appears on the notification bar of your Android smartphone, informing you of the start of the download. You can even follow the process going on. Once installed, you can open the app directly from the notification bar or, if you prefer, in the device app drawer:

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Downloading the app. / ANDROIDPIT
<p>If the process does not start immediately, repeat it even if the main application button indicates that it is already installed on your device. The advantage of downloading an app from the Google Play Store using your PC saves you time because it is faster.</p>
<h2>How to download apps using Smartphone</h2>
<p>The Android OS already comes with the Google Play Store as a native app on devices (except for pirates and some Chinese devices). Thus, the Play Store is a version of the store that can be accessed directly from mobile devices and allows you to browse and download all apps compatible with your version of the Android platform:</p>
<figure><img alt=

To download apps through the Google Play Store app, follow the instructions below:

  1. You will need an internet, Wi-Fi or 3G connection (the latter is not recommended if you have a limited data plan).
  2. Sign in to the Play Store app.
  3. Press the search button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  4. Enter the name of the Android app you want.
  5. Once selected install. Just like when we download an app from the Play Store on your PC, Google will let you know about permissions and internal purchases on the App. Once you've checked that, select Accept. "
  6. You can also follow the download process directly from the Play Store app or the notification bar.
  7. Once installed, you can open the app you just downloaded directly from the Play Store app or the notification bar.

Apps Payment Methods on the Play Store

You can add the following credit / debit cards to your account:

  • American Express
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Visa Electron
  • Link

In addition, gift cards can also be purchased at authorized outlets, and recently the option to top up Play Store credit (as with a prepaid device) has been added:

Did you have trouble downloading your first app?

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