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How to clean Chrome to free up space on your phone

Google Chrome is already installed by default on phones running the Android system and many people have the option to access the internet. Like other browsers, when browsing the internet, Chrome ends up saving some files on your device for easy access to websites and other tasks or actions related to them.

In turn, of course, these files take up considerable space on the device after some time and it is not always easy to locate them for cleaning. Here's how to manually clean site files in Android Chrome to free up space on your phone.


Importantly, the procedure shown below poses no risk, but you may lose some browsing data such as a login or a saved preference for a particular site. The function used in the process below is not present in the browser version for iOS (iPhone system).

How to clean up site files in Google Chrome from Android

Manually clearing Chrome's cache is quite simple, being done within the app itself, but the function is a bit hidden. Check out:

1. Open Google Chrome normally and tap the icon represented by ?three dots?;


2. Enter ?Settings?, slide the screen down and then click on ?Site Settings?;


3. Again, swipe down the screen and now enter ?Storage?;


4. Tap ?Clear site storage? and in the message that appears click ?Clear?;


5. If you prefer to remove data from only one site, tap it in the list, select the option ?Clear and reset?.

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In our test, by cleaning these sites it was possible to free 1GB of space on our device, but this size may vary depending on the time you use the browser. After performing the procedure, you should not notice any changes in Chrome, only the available space on the device will be larger.

Ready! You now know how to manually delete some Chrome site navigation data to free up space on your Android phone.

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