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How to build a slideshow in the Photos app for Mac

The act of displaying a slideshow in Photos to your family or friends older than walking forward (or something). Whether returning from a trip, displaying images of an event or simply recalling the old days, the ritual of sitting with loved ones to share memories is something that should not be overlooked.

The app Photoson Mac brings you several options for you to create slideshow Perfect. One of them is instantaneous: just select all the photos you want to display (with the help of the keys and, or simply by clicking and dragging a selection), right-click one of them, select the option ?Play Slideshow?, choose a theme is a song and have it seen.

The other more elaborate option, for you to plan all the details of the presentation. Below, we take the path of the stones.

  1. Select the photos you want to include in the slideshow.
  2. V to the menu Archive Create Slideshow Photos.
  3. Choose the option to create a new project, rather than adding photos to an existing project, and give it a name.
  4. In the side tab, a new project with the name you gave up appears in the "Projects" portion. Click on it and you will enter the editing area of slideshows.
  5. In this screen, you can rearrange the order of photos or even join two images on the same screen just click and drag in the way you find most interesting. You can, at any time, click the ?Preview? button to see how your work is going.
    Creating photo slideshow on Mac
  6. On the right side, three buttons have extra customization options: the first one is themes, where you choose the most appropriate style for your presentation.
  7. The second button, with the music note, is for you to choose the presentation soundtrack which can be the default track of the chosen theme, any of the other tracks included in the software or any music saved in your iTunes (or Music app).
  8. The third button brings several adjustable options: you can choose the transition style between the images, the duration of these animations and the duration of the image itself. slideshow You can also simply choose that it lasts the tempo of the chosen song.
    Slideshow Settings in MacOS Photos
  9. With the project finished, it is possible to reproduce it directly from this screen by clicking the ?Play? button, or export it as a video by the ?Export? button in this case, just choose a file name, its save location and resolution. .

Ready! Now you have your photo slideshow created exactly as you want it and ready to play anywhere.

Enjoy! ?