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Many users already know GRU – THE MALDISPOS: an animated movie for the whole family. Android brings the whole atmosphere to the smartphone in the form of a fast and good quality runner game. Not only that, it is the official app of the movie. Want to know more about GRU? So time to read our app review.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 2Android version: 4.1.2Root: SimMods: None

The GRU – THE MALDISPOS app starts with a fun animation that takes us straight to the atmosphere of the movie. The game features an 18-screen tutorial in which all the necessary information is present. The game is divided into Misses and Trofus, which can be earned during matches. With the points earned, you can acquire new costumes for Minion, protagonist of the game.

In the app store, you can not only buy costumes, but also coins needed to unlock them, as well as shields, protections and other bonuses. The Temple Run style game, with the protagonist moving in a tube that goes to infinity and amid all obstacles.

In short:

The GRU – MALDISPOSTO has a beautiful graphic and fully transports the atmosphere of the film to the smartphone. The friendly Minion and their worlds will be a big surprise even for those who don't know the game yet. For those who love runner games, this is the app.

Screen & Controls

THE CRANE – THE MALDISPOSIS is equipped with first-rate animation and a detailed and colorful chart. The controls are very intuitive and subdivided into two parts through touchscreen gestures, one can jump, move or rotate. While with the tilting of the smartphone it is possible to make the character change position.

Speed ??& Stability

GRU – MALDISPOS worked very well during our tests, although the initial load took some time. Could: the richness of the graphics explains such a performance.

Price / Performance Ratio

The GRU – MALDISPOST can be downloaded from Google Play and costs nothing. The game comes with an internal store for the purchase of power ups, but the purchase of these is not decisive to play well.


4.8 (95.38%) 26 votes