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Greg Kroah-Hartman Explains Best Linux Kernel Version for Longevity Projects

The LInux Kernel LTS to be used for long-term 4.4 projects

The term "LTS", an English term for "Long Term Support", is widely used in the software world. If you know Ubuntu, you may have heard of "Ubuntu 16.04 LTS" or whatever. This software is called this as a designation of the support time that its maintainers propose to maintain it.

Linux LTS

Just like operating systems, the Linux kernel itself also has LTS versions, just look at the long-supported versions on the Linux site itself.

Greg Kroah-Hartman, along with Linus Torlvalds, one of the main maintainers of the Linux kernel, recently commented on long-time support versions of the kernel. Although there are several versions that are currently maintained, they have different longevities, so if you wanted to put Linux in a long-term project, such as a version of Android, embedded devices, and IoT, which version to choose for updates. of security keep coming?

The answer to that. verse 4.4. Version 4.4 will have extended support (beyond traditional) and will have updates up to 2022, making this the ideal version for projects that need a stable, virtually unchanging kernel that still gets patches and improvements. This gives comfort to Android developers for example and to companies that work with IoT.

Linux distros that are intended to remain stable and poorly changeable can also use the same kernel if they wish. Even with the old numbering, improvements implemented in newer kernel versions, such as 4.15, may be included in this version 4.4 if they are relevant and do not compromise project stability.

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