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Get to know TRAFI: the public transport app that works offline

Who has never tried to escape the typical congestion of big cities by using public transport applications? The mass transit option can save users who want to arrive at their destination or appointment within the scheduled time and without much suffering. Mobile connection can be a big drawback at these times of travel, as we often move from a well-covered area to another less-favored part of town. If you need to use the train, subway or bus and still run the risk of running out of internet on the way, TRAFI may be a great choice. Know him next.

First of all, I need to say that TRAFI s works in the cities of So Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The familiar application interface closely resembles the also full Citymapper, with real-time news options, metropolitan and urban transport network map, cycle map, bus stops, train stations and subway closest to the user's location. .

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Bike paths near the user's location (left) and metro map (right). / ANDROIDPIT
<p>The travel planning is excellent, allowing the route to be calculated taking into consideration public transport (Metr, Bus and EMTU) option which, by the way, is not fully integrated with Google Maps, for example. Just like Moovit, there are a good number of buses that are loaded with real-time information, making it possible for the user to program themselves based on these itineraries.</p>
<p>Offline mode is accessible through TRAFI's hamburger menu and currently offers two options for storing information on the device: schedules and route and map search. Route and map search will be available soon, so users can save complete routes to their device prior to their departure. The time option is now available, allowing bus, train, and metro schedules to be stored on the device before the user leaves their current location.</p>
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According to TRAFI developers, constant improvements are employed in the application to make it faster and more useful. In fact, the app works great on Wi-Fi and 3G / 4G, with accurate and current information. However, there is no official information about the availability of the application to other Brazilian cities. You can download it directly from the Play Store via the button below:

Install on Google Play

If you live in So Paulo or Rio, try TRAFI and share your usage experience with the app in the comments below.

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