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Facebook can bring videos to Instagram

On Thursday, the 20th, Facebook will have a press event. Much speculation is being made, especially as to how the invitation was made: regular mail (or snail mail). The last rumor about the launch of a video system for Instagram.

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Videos to the Vine ?? / AndroidPIT
<p>There are already rumors about a video service for Instagram, such as internal testing, but no confirmation by Facebook. The release makes a lot of sense, since similar apps have been very successful, especially Twitter's Vine.</p><div class=

Over 100 million users, the addition of a video tool could further leverage the number of people using Facebook's photo sharing app, as well as being a response to Twitter: Vine's video sharing surpassed Instagram's photo sharing on microblogging. The launch may now be an attempt by Facebook to prevent the Vine takes the lead in this segment.

The videos would have between 5 and 10 seconds, but there's still no information about filters, or whether the video tool works within the Instagram app or in a separate app. We'll know better after tomorrow.

Would you use the video sharing service inside Instagram? Do you use any nowadays? Which?

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