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FaceApp ignores Procon-SP, while Apple and Google deny responsibility

The saga of FaceApp to be continued. After viralizing with your aging filter, raise suspicions about your laconic privacy policy and generate a request for explanations from the Procon from So Paulo, the app fell silent completely. There is no clarification from those responsible.

As explained in the previous article, Procon-SP notified last week both FaceApp and Apple it's the Google, owners of the app stores that distribute the app according to the agency's understanding, the giants must also explain why, by hosting the app on their platforms, they are agreeing to its operation and its privacy policy.

Apple and Google answered Procon-SP stating that they do not consider themselves responsible for the applications they host in their respective stores: According to the companies, all apps go through a rigorous screen of respect for the policies of each of the platforms, and the developers who distribute their creations on the web. App store or in Google Play agree to these terms.

Procon-SP, in turn, disagree According to the agency, the Consumer Protection Code (CDC) requires that every product or service distributed in Brazil must have its information made available clearly, in Portuguese, which is not the case with FaceApp, which has its terms of reference. use written in English only. As Procon states that responsibility for a product shared between its manufacturers (or producers) and those who sell it, Apple and Google are, in fact, liable and subject to fines.

The Russian company responsible for FaceApp, in turn, didn't answer to Procon-SP appeals. The next step in this imbroglio is now blurred: the agency may impose fines on Apple, Google, and app developers, but it is not known if this will result in any change or if the app becomes more transparent in its terms of use. use. Let's wait.

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