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Easy Taxi – Taxi by Mobile

You know that classic Hollywood movie scene where the character has to take a cab to run after the great love of his life, but it seems like all the cars are busy? Well, this is just a thing of the North American film industry, because in Brazil, the Android user has Easy Taxi, its a one-click taxi!

Easy Taxi – Taxi by Mobile is an app for calling taxis through your smartphone without having to call a central office. Simply and with a large fleet, the application has taxis registered in 13 Brazilian cities and 9 other countries. No wonder it takes the title of largest taxi app in the world! Easy Taxi can be downloaded from the AndroidPIT App Center and I tested the app in Porto Alegre, and I can say that very good!

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy Y

Android version: 2.3.6

Root: Yes

Mods: None

In the rush of everyday life, wasting time waiting for a taxi around the corner or going through an interrogation about your personal and location data, then waiting for the car of a fleet you probably won't use anymore, are on the opposite road to innovation. The coolest thing about the Easy Taxi app for Android smartphones is that it is installed on your device, ready to go anytime, anywhere, using your location to determine the vehicle that is closest to you, namely: fast, safe and Comfortable.

Easy Taxi – Taxi by Mobile, after a short loading screen, displays a simple and easy-to-understand home screen: Here you can see the three ways to enter your current address:

* in the magnifying glass you enter the address,

* with GPS you let the app itself find you and

*the map can be dragged until the pointer points to its location.

With the right address, just press the "Ask Taxi" button: the next screen confirms the address with some reference; There is also the option of marking the address as a favorite and requesting a taxi that accepts card as a form of payment (assuming cars with this feature exist in the city in question).

To manage your favorite addresses, you need to create a user. The process is simple and fast: you need your name, phone, email and password.

In addition, all participating taxi drivers are registered, including driver's photo and details of the car to be used on the trip. Say goodbye impatience of waiting, as you will be able to follow the taxi's arrival on the map, straight from the app. In Brazil, Easy Taxi offers coverage in Rio de Janeiro, So Paulo, Niteri, Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre, Brasilia, Goiania, Salvador, Manaus, Recife, Natal, Curitiba and Fortaleza (soon, Santos, Guarulhos, Campinas, Belm, So Luiz, Aracaju, Joo Pessoa, Teresina, Macap, Campos and Cuiab).

In addition to Brazil, Easy Taxi can be operated in other countries such as Colombia, Peru, Chile, Venezuela, Argentina, Mexico, Nigeria, Malaysia and Korea (soon also Philippines, Hong Kong and Thailand).


Easy Taxi is very fast and simple, doing the job well. In addition, the user interface is very user friendly and the service extremely safe. You can order a taxi from anywhere in the city and wait up to 10 minutes – depending on traffic conditions – the kind of service that makes life easier for users and transforms their experience with the mobile device. If you are looking for convenience and quality service, go for Easy Taxi.

Screen & Controls

With very few screens and very clear options, it is impossible to get lost in the app; the screens flow without any problem. Colors are standardized throughout the application, making it even easier to use. Easy Taxi – Taxi by Mobile has a user-friendly interface and is therefore functional.

Speed ??& Stability

Easy Taxi – Taxi by Mobile works without any problem, stable and fluid; speed depends only on your GPS; with WiFi, the address found within seconds.

Price / Performance Ratio

Easy Taxi – Taxi by Mobile is available on the AndroidPIT App Center for free. Also, I only found one banner ad during my entire experience with the app: on the loading screen.

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