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Download the new 16 ″ MacBook Pro wallpapers for your Mac, iPhone, or iPad

O 16-inch MacBook Pro It is already available in all its glory in various countries. In addition to a "new-old" keyboard, a larger screen and impressive processing power, it also comes with two exclusive background images that you can download now.

Images are constantly being used by Apple in marketing the 16 ? MacBook Pro. Generally, the company introduces new wallpapers with the release of some hardware and then makes them available to their other Macs in subsequent software updates.


If you don't want to wait and want to display the new images on your computer, you can download them in high resolution from this link. The wallpapers were extracted directly from macOS Catalina, the version that comes installed on the 16 ? MBP.

Each image has a square aspect ratio of 6016 × 6016 pixels; Due to its high resolution, it can be cropped to fill any screen size of Macs and mobile devices without losing quality.

iPhones and iPads

You can use the above images on iPhone or iPad, however, graphic designer AR7 has optimized the images for iPhones and iPads by slightly modifying them to match the colors of the new iPhones, including midnight green, gold and purple.

You can access all designer-optimized images in this Google Drive folder. Select the folder with the color you want and then download the wallpaper corresponding to the device on which you use it.

via iDownloadBlog