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Does the new Note 5 commercial overstate S-Pen's functionality?

One of the most striking commercials of the 1980s and 1990s were the Faber Castel showing his color pencils packaged by Toquinho's watercolor. Now Samsung has decided to pay tribute to these commercials by creating its own version, but with a differentiator: instead of color pencils, they use the Galaxy Note 5 and its S-Pen.

No secret that the Galaxy Note line considered by most to be the best among smartphones with Android operating system. While the Galaxy Note 5 has not received as warm a reception as the previous one, Samsung has further optimized the features of the S-Pen, the series' biggest differential.

For those who have never used it, it is hard to believe how good the S-Pen is, but those who have had a Note hardly exchange it for a smartphone that is not the successor. I've never had it, but I've tested almost everyone, and believe me, there's nothing like it, specifically with regard to S-Pen. However, is what we see in the new Note 5 commercial possible?

Before answering this for you, a brief explanation of how magic happens. The big secret of S-Pen is that it is not as independent as an ordinary stylus pen, she talks to the hardware of the smartphone.

On the front of the Galaxy Note 5 are electromagnetic sensors that detect when the S-Pen is pointing at the screen. Thus, for example, it is possible for the user to use the Air View tool without touching the screen. The magnetic interaction between the front of the device and the S-Pen can make the magic happen.

androidpit samsung galaxy note 5 35
The S-Pen goes beyond touch! / ANDROIDPIT

Unlike a standard stylus, where the screen only detects touch, just like a finger, Note sensors can find out the coordinates and the precise angle the pen makes. In addition to the main: they detect the pressure applied on the touchscreen. With this it is possible to vary the trace of the risk you make.

So the answer is yes, it is possible to make drawings similar to those of advertising and others infinitely better with Galaxy Note 5. There is even an artist who specializes in drawing using a Note, check here.

I also draw and can say that it is possible to draw on a Note just as on a table Wacom. Something impossible on other ordinary smartphones or tablets. For those who still do not believe me, I will launch a challenge here:

Who there draws well on a smartphone or tablet? Make a nice drawing, either in a common smart or in a Galaxy Note and publish in the forum link below:

For those who were curious, below is the second version of the commercial color Lpis Faber Castel created in 1995. The original from 1983.

What did you think about the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 commercial?

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