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“Dickinson” is the most popular Apple TV + series; "Servant" will have three episodes available at premiere

The first weeks of existence of the Apple TV + have been slightly tricky: some of their series were not very well received, some free year-old users of the service failed to reap the benefits, and many people criticized the platform's operation, which mixes original content (free for subscribers) with iTunes Store movies and series, which can only be watched upon purchase or rental.

Still, Apple has taken the service the way it can until it is populated with more original content and options that appeal to a wider audience. Today, we have some news about what's already to come on Apple TV +.

Dickinson the most popular

No one expected at the time of the announcement that a series about a nineteenth-century poet with purposely anachronistic touches would be a great public draw, but here we are: according to Business insider, Dickinson It is the most popular production of this early series of Apple TV + series.

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The report cites data from Parrot Analytics and its constantly updated list of the most popular series of streaming. ?Dickinson? was the only Apple TV + production to hit the Top 10 from the firm last week outperforming ?For All Mankind?, which seemed to be the most anticipated series of the service up to two days before its debut (according to the Parrot metric, that is).

The analysis firm is based on ?expressions of demand? on the internet and social media, as streaming do not usually disclose specific audience numbers about their series. At the launch of Apple TV +, ?The Morning Show? seemed to be the series that attracted the least attention from the public, according to data from Parrot. after the premiere, however.

Servant debut with three episodes

Meanwhile, Apple released important information about the debut of Servant, the long awaited series of M. Night Shyamalan (?The Sixth Sense?) for the Apple TV + that arrives on 28th next. As in other platform productions, the series will debut with three episodes available; The next chapters of the production will be released one by one every Friday.

For those paying attention, this is Ma's strategy to catch the attention of viewers in its series: three of the four original dramas that debuted with Apple TV + had this release scheme only "Dickinson" was made available on the platform already with the first season. complete.

It is worth noting that yesterday (19/11) night, Apple made the press officer of Servant at the BAM Howard Gilman Opera House in New York. Check out some photos of the event (click / touch the images to enlarge them):


Critics of ?The Morning Show? only haters?

Finally, it is also worth mentioning a statement by two of the executive producers of ?The Morning Show?, Kerry Ehrin and Mimi Leder. According to them, the negative reviews initially received by the series came from ?haters Apple ?and people who wanted to see Ma fail in its original content initiative.

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The producers were special guests of the conference Recode Code Mediain Los Angeles and shared this printout. Leder said the following:

When the reviews began to appear, I didn't know which series they were watching. And I just kind of thought they were all crazy. I felt that there were many haters Apple and people wanting Apple to fail. The good news is that people love the series, and we love the series, and that is what matters.

In fact, there is a large disparity between assessments of ?The Morning Show? critical and public: in the Rotten Tomatoes aggregator, the series has 63% approval of specialized critics and 95% approval of the general audience. This is not a rare phenomenon just look at the franchise approval (or disapproval) rates Transformers or many of Adam Sandler's films, for example.

Leder said that critics aside, the crew and cast are simply striving to create the best content possible.

We focus only on the story we are telling, the characters we have. We are into it. So when you see the critics who are seeing it from the business side, like "what Apple is doing" or "they spent too much money on it," that's kind of separate from us.

So t, no?

via The Loop, The Verge