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Company sues Apple for alleged patent infringement at Siri

One more day, another lawsuit for Cupertino's legal department. This time, it comes straight from the Parus holdings, an American company that claims to have patents infringed by Apple with the Crab more specifically, in relation to voice recognition.

Filed on Monday with the West Texas District Court, the Parus lawsuit concerns two patents filed by the firm nearly ten years apart, the first of 2006, which describes voice-activated devices and intelligent responses generated by these devices; The second, 2016, seems to be a kind of refinement of the first, describing sources of information in databases from which these speech recognition systems draw their resources.

All Apple products with Siri access, including iPhones, iPads, MacBooks recent iMac Pro, O Carplay and the Apple iWatches (sic as it is written in the file), they are included in the action. Parus claims that all devices and services with speech-recognition technologies violate its patents and that Ma was aware of the company's intellectual property, ignoring them and misusing its inventions.

Parus gives some signs that a Patent trollBut not entirely: The company has been selling business communication systems since 1997, but it does not appear to be strong in the market, has its address in a multi-company office building and maintains a generic website with images of stock photos. That is, it cannot be said that we are talking about a company totally dedicated to extracting money from other companies in processes.

Apple, as usual, did not comment on the case.

via AppleInsider

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