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Bolt is the new Sphero robot with programmable functions and LED panel

O Bolt it may seem like just a transparent ball, but it's actually a spherical mini-robot from Sphero, a company specialized in toys of this type. The newest launch of the brand comes with an 8 x 8 LED panel able to "draw" some images by lighting their lamps, just as many store signs do, as you can see on video:

But rob does much more than that. It comes with a number of sensors, such as accelerometer, gyroscope and infrared, which help not only your locomotion, but also communication. Bolt is the first Sphero robot capable of communicating with other similar models, ie other Bolts.

Sphero says Bolt's main purpose, besides recreational, educational, is helping children become interested in programming and robotics. That's why rob has two different apps to control. O Sphero play Comes with simple functions, to move the robot around, interacting with the smartphone. J o Sphero edu It offers the possibility to program in a simplified manner, using programming logic, to create Bolt specific paths or actions.

The rob has two hours autonomy and was announced by $ 149.99.

Source: The Verge. [TagsToTranslate] sphero

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