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BMW now charges $ 80 annuity for CarPlay access

O Carplay, along with Android Auto, represents not the future but the present of automotive information and entertainment systems. Sure, we'll soon have super-intelligent systems that can even drive the car for us, but right now, Apple and Google's platforms are the standard for a reasonably smart, connected vehicle. What, then, of a luxury manufacturer that charges annually for access to one of them?

exactly what the BMW are doing. From its 2019 models, the German automaker will charge a $ 80 annual subscription so that their buyers have access to CarPlay, which no other manufacturer currently does, other than a top category.

The news is not exactly recent: BMW had already announced that it would be charging for more than a year, but now that it is coming into effect, the anger of potential buyers of the manufacturer's models has echoed again. The buzz was so loud that the automaker updated its charging model for CarPlay and offered another option: customers can pay a charge of $ 300 for a 240 month subscription, or 20 years (which is $ 15 a year).

Still, it is unclear whether Apple welcomes the annual fee for access to its automotive system. Most manufacturers already offer CarPlay as standard in their vehicles, but some charge an optional fee for it which is perfectly understandable as the platform requires the installation of some additional hardware. A subscription, on the other hand, is something quite different, since all of Ma's communication about CarPlay shows that it is a free service for those who have access to it.

BMW currently supports only CarPlay, but claims that Android Auto will be supported on its cars in the near future and possibly under the same subscription scheme. Apple has not commented on the case, but we will certainly hear more about this story in the near future.

via iClarified