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Black Shark, Xiaomi's gamer smartphone, to be released internationally

THE Xiaomi Not always launch their devices worldwide, many of the Chinese company's gadgets are bought by Brazilians through websites that import products directly from China. Some products are released to the international market and end up gaining dissemination on a global website made by the company.

By all indications, the Xiaomi Black shark, a smartphone aimed at the gamer audience, should be sold internationally very soon.

Xiaomi started promoting the site global.blackshark that comes with a smartphone image with the sayings approaching sharks and unleashing soon, a marketing strategy that points to the international launch of mobile soon.

On the site you can also leave the email to receive news about the release. Here in the Connected world We already had the opportunity to get a closer look at the device and we are testing it, you can check out the first impressions on the video below on our Instagram profile.

Remembering that the most recently released Razer Phone 2, which we checked closely at BGS 2018, check out the recorded hands-on straight from the event.

Source: Global Black Shark