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Apple would be developing iTunes successor for Windows

In the middle of last April, it began to speculate that the iTunes I wouldn't see the light of day anymore in macOS, which was confirmed soon after by Apple at the macOS Catalina 10.15 presentation. Now, as we know, the popular (and old) multimedia software has been replaced by the Music, TV, and Podcasts apps except for Windows, where iTunes is still alive, at least for now.

According to an Apple hiring page on LinkedIn, the company is looking for new talent ?to help the company create media applications for Windows,? which may imply that Apple is in the process of either creating or replacing its main media app for PCs. The suspicions get even bigger when Apple describes:

If you like music, are passionate about programming, and want to work with world-class engineering teams who create apps for millions of users, the Media app team is the place for you.

If Apple is creating a new Windows Music app, other apps, like TV, shouldn't be left behind (especially with the expansion of Apple's services), but there's no concrete information yet.

The listing also mentions that UWP experience is a ?big advantage?; This also implies that the Cupertino giant could create apps that work on other platforms (even Microsoft, like Surface and Xbox) like set top boxes, smart TVs, etc.

Everything, of course, is but theories and speculation for now. It may be that the company is developing other new features for Windows and will keep iTunes for years to come, but it was time for it to reshape its apps (even to promote its new services), there's no denying it. In macOS, in general, the new concept of separate apps was very well received.

via Neowin