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Apple Music Delivers New Commercial Subscription to Businesses

Ma is now offering a new subscription type for its service. streaming of music: o Apple Music for Business. The news brought in partnership with PlayNetwork, an American company that helps brands unite music and technology to increase consumer engagement.

As a result, merchants can now purchase an Apple Music license specifically for their merchants to remember that using personal music service accounts streaming to play music in illegal commercial environments, as the use of personal account must be individual.

Merchants can control music playback using an iPhone or iPad app, unlike the standard Apple Music platform. According to a publication by Wall street journal, this new system has been under test for some time in specific US stores and has now only been expanded to general retail.

Apple Music For Business app icon

In addition to the Apple Music library access, the subscription includes playlists customized to the type of store environment. More than one way to provide merchant access to the service, Apple is also encouraging its platform to be advertised at these locations, and the company will pay a referral fee to stores when that happens.

O Spotify, Apple Music's main competitor, also offers a commercial subscription to its subscribers under the brand name. Soundtrack Your Brand, available in over 70 countries.

via 9to5Mac