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Apple Makes Battery Change New MacBooks Air

If you already took your Macbook or MacBook Pro With Retina display technical assistance for a battery change, it was certainly surprised that all of these models require the replacement of the entire top case (which involves the aluminum housing, keyboard, trackpad, and speakers) for component replacement. This is because, on all newer portable Macs, the battery is glued to this part of the chassis, preventing a loose change.

Fortunately, in a move against the ?irreparable? trend of its recent releases, Apple has greatly improved the battery situation in the new MacBook Air. According to an internal document distributed to their stores and Apple Authorized Service Centers, the company's new portables may have their cells replaced individually, without the need to exchange top case as a whole.

In the new MacBooks Air, the battery is still glued to the machine's frame, but Apple offers tools and technical assistance that allow it to be safely removed and subsequently replaced with a new cell that will similarly be glued to the chassis with a little help. adhesive and the same tool that presses and fits the screens of iPhones.

The change for the better is not just about batteries: the new MacBook Air also allows the standalone replacement of the trackpad and, as already announced, the touch ID button It can also be changed without moving the logic board of the machine. We do not yet know, however, whether this wave of reparability extends to the keyboard of the new Air until further notice, its repairs should involve top case computers, as usual (I'm sorry, Rafa).

From here, it is hoped that this news is the sign of a trend change at Ma now, a company that boasts so much of being environmentally friendly, makes recycled aluminum computers and bribes the US president himself on environmental decisions needs to keep up. consistency and build machines that are not basically disposable at the first sign of trouble.

Good Apple!

via MacRumors