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Apple launches new app for developers

If you one developer connected to the world Apple ie somehow creates apps or solutions for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS and / or tvOS operating systems, must have the app WWDC installed on your device.

It was for him that developers attending the Apple conference followed the news of the event; Even not participating, professionals could follow, through the app, the videos of the sessions that roll there.

And when we talk about developers linked to the Apple world, not a few people, no: according to TechCrunchonly 23 million of people registered in Apple Developer Program. And that number keeps growing.

Last year, the developer community in Indonesia increased its participation by 60% after opening two Apple Developer Academy facilities in 2019; at the Brazil, where this initiative started, the community grew 50% this year; In India, home of the first acceleration laboratory, the community grew by 45%; Other areas that have grown their developer base this year include the UK (+ 40%), France (+ 30%), Italy (+ 28%) and China (+ 17%).

Apple Developer app icon

Because of this, Ma decided to change: the WWDC leaves the scene and the Apple Developer. The big news is that we now have information (technical and design articles), news and detailed updates from Apple experts throughout the year on the Discover tab (Discover). The content focused on the Ma conference continues there, on the Video tabs and of course WWDC.

What's new is that anyone in the United States can sign up for the Apple Developer Program through the app (either using an iPhone or iPad) or, for those already on the program, you can renew your subscription via the Account tab (Account); In other countries, these options will come gradually.

The application as a whole has gained refinements like an improved search interface, support for Dark Mode and Korean language, plus bug fixes and general improvements. It is not yet possible, however, to have access to the developer forums or to connect to App Accelerators, Design Labs and Developers Academies who knows something that will be implemented in the future.

The idea that the app will turn into a repository mirroring the same content found on the portal, but packaged differently, is also a more enjoyable way for new developers, who may not even know about the Apple portal, to access this information. .

Image: 9to5Mac

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