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Apple Highlights Environmental Responsibility on New MacBook Air and Mac Mini

More than ever, Apple is taking advantage of this year 2018 to wear the shirt of environmental responsibility on many fronts from full renewable energy operation to unrestricted support for the Paris Agreement, we have Cupertino sectors actively seeking greener alternatives for the company itself and for the world.

Of course, when it comes to Ma hardware, it couldn't be any different. Apple's last keynote had some very significant moments in this direction, such as when Apple announced that its two newest Macs have housings made from 100% recycled aluminum. Now, two documents have been released highlighting even more made with the new machines.

The document for the new MacBook Air (PDF) also highlights the use of 35% or more of recycled plastic in the speakers and fans of the new laptop; The main logic plate of the machine is 100% recycled tin. Laptop packaging is also more environmentally friendly: all of the wood fiber used comes from recycled and responsible sources, and the case contents use 87% less plastic than the previous MacBook Air packaging.

J in the document talking about the new Mac mini (PDF), Apple highlights the use of 60% recycled plastic on the bottom cover and the back wall, where are the doors of the machine; The fan, in turn, uses 27% bio-based plastic. In boxes, likewise, all the wood fiber used comes from recycled and responsible sources; The packages have less than 4% plastic in all materials used.

Rear of the new Mac mini

Ma also talks about the GiveBack program, whereby you can deliver your old device in exchange for the discount on a new one (under certain conditions); The company reuses or recycles your computer for free. In addition, both MacBook Air and Mac mini have even lower emissions of harmful gases by 47% and 45% less, respectively.

These are great advances, which we hope will continue to occur in the next releases. Will we ever see Macs built entirely from recycled materials? It would be great.

via AppleInsider