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Apple Donates iPhones 11 to Vulnerable Photography Students

There is much talk about how recent smartphones, especially iPhones 11 and 11 Pro, are tools capable of competing with DSLRs several times more expensive in certain situations. A positive side effect of this is democratization of photography That is, you no longer need to spend tens of thousands of dollars (or dollars) to capture clicks with an almost professional look.

Obviously, however, the application of the term ?democratization? should be weighed here, considering that we are still talking about smartphones that cost hundreds of dollars (or thousands of dollars). Well, at least Apple is making some partnerships to soften this step.

I say this because Ma announced yesterday a collaboration with the NGO 100cameras, dedicated to teaching photography to vulnerable children and adolescents in various parts of the United States. As part of the partnership, Apple donated iPhones 11 to students of DRW College Prep, a secondary school located in an impoverished area of Chicago.

Students participated in eight photography classes with 100cameras using Ma devices; At the end of the course, they took photo tours to do essays and photographic works using the iPhones and their newly acquired knowledge. The result is a sensitive and potent look at a little known side of Chicago and you can check out some of the creations below (click / touch the images for a larger view):

The student photographs were printed and sold by 100cameras; All of the revenue generated from the prints went to local community organizations in the neighborhoods of young photographers. The cofounder and CEO of 100cameras, Angela Popplewell, praised the NGO and Apple initiative:

For residents of a frequently forgotten Chicago area, getting an iPhone that was released just a few weeks earlier seemed like a unique opportunity in life. The students' enthusiasm for using this model's specific camera tools further stimulated their creativity, and it was amazing to see how they chose Portrait Mode and the ultra-angle lens to really capture each other's point of view and their own expressions. .

Very cool, isn't it? We hope that these collective memory preservation and specialization initiatives will be scattered elsewhere, Apple has Many places in Brazil that would benefit from such a program!

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Official image:

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