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Apple denies it would be prioritizing its own apps in search of the App Store

THE App Store search It is a subject that has always generated polemic. No wonder: when it comes to a $ 46.6 billion deal, any slight nuance or bias in the way Apple ranks applications is likely to cause a hit or fall.

The most recent polemic comes from Wall street journal. Journalist Tripp Mickle did a survey analyzing the popular search results from the App Store and found that, for the most part, Apple prioritizes its own applications over the competition options in common category searches. The Ma, in turn, denied that performs such practices.

In the research of WSJ, Ma's apps came first in search in more than 60% cases, such as searching for terms like ?maps?. When searches were related to apps that generate direct income for Ma, such as ?music? or ?books,? the company's apps first appeared in 95% of the cases. The tests were performed on multiple devices tied to multiple accounts, and the results were always consistent.

O WSJ questioned Apple about the results before the report was published, and Apple responded days later by saying that it did a similar survey getting different results, but Apple did not share numbers, but said its searches in several cases showed competitive apps first.

Apple further stated that its apps appear first with some frequency because they are popular with consumers the same reason that Uber or Microsoft apps appear at the top constantly. The company also shared some information about the algorithm that calculates app placement in store searches:

Apple says it uses 42 factors to determine where apps are in search, but keeps the formula secret to keep the game level among developers and avoid manipulating results. The four most influential factors in the formula are number of downloads, ratings, relevance, and "user behavior," according to the company. User behavior, which Apple says is the most important factor, includes the number of times users select an app in a search and download it, according to a spokesperson.

How are the results for a? Since the findings of WSJ have foundation? Leave your opinions below.

via Cult of Mac

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