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Apple Begins Construction of New $ 1 Billion Campus in Texas

The Cupertino giant just announced the next step in its (billionaire) expansion in Austin, Texas, with the start of building a new campus. The news that Ma would increase its presence in the region was reported late last year, but only now the new facility will start to get off the ground. According to the company, its opening is scheduled for 2022.

Apple's Austin expansion is part of the company's national growth plan, announced in January 2018, which aims to increase the company's investment in manufacturing, engineering and job creation in the United States.

In this sense, Ma will contribute US $ 350 billion to the American economy by 2023 and, during that period, generate 20,000 new jobs in the country, as Apple CEO pointed out, Tim cook:

With the construction of our new Austin campus underway, Apple is deepening our close bond with the city and the talented and diverse workforce that calls it home. Apple is responsible for 2.4 million US jobs and counting, and we look forward to writing our next chapter here and continuing to contribute to America's innovation story.

As we reported, the Cupertino giant invest $ 1 billion in its new facility, which will have over 278,000m and initially house 5,000 new employees with a maximum capacity of 15,000 people.

As part of its environmental commitment, the company has partnered with Austin-based Bartlett Tree Experts to preserve and increase the diversity of native trees on the 538,000m property; In addition, the (gigantic) lot will be designed to maximize green space. Like all Apple installations, the new Austin campus will run on 100% renewable energy, including on-site solar power.

Mac Pro and Trump's Visit

Still in Austin, concomitantly building the new campus, Apple is also setting up the new Mac pro which will hit the market next month, along with Pro Display XDR, a process in which the company has invested more than $ 200 million. In fact, the company's powerful computer uses parts that are manufactured in all 50 states, but assembled exclusively in Texas.

Mac Pro Factory in Austin

This of course a full plate for the US president. Donald Trump, which had long been intimated, encouraged Ma to manufacture its products within the United States, even to prevent the new Mac Pro being taxed if its production took place in China.

Construction of our new campus in Austin is progressing and the assembly line for the Mac Pro is up and running! Building the most powerful Mac ever made by Apple in Austin is a testament to the continuing power of American creativity, and we're proud to be making it here.

Faced with the construction of the Mac Pro in the US and the expansion of Ma in Austin, President Trump will visit the Cupertino giant's facilities in Texas later today, according to a report by Bloomberg.

Trump will be welcomed by Apple's CEO, who will accompany him during a visit to the Apple facility where the Mac Pro is being assembled. There is no information yet if Cook asks Trump to waive the tariffs on some Chinese-made Ma products, as it is expected to increase these rates further on December 15 over gadgets like iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks (Air / Pro).