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1Password brings back local vault support on iOS; Instagram, Overcast, and AirBuddy are updated

And we're back with the most relevant updates from popular apps from App store! Are we going to them?


The famous password manager had attracted the rage of some users when a few weeks ago removed from his iOS app the possibility of creating a local safe passwords on the iPhone or iPad with this, old users of the service, who had purchased the (non-existing) version of the application, now require a subscription to the 1Password to use it if they reinstalled the app.

1Password app icon - Password Manager

Fortunately, developer AgileBits listened to the waterfall of complaints and fixed the issue in 1Password iOS version 7.3.4. With it, users who previously purchased the standalone version of the app can again create local safes on their iOS devices during setup.

In addition, upgrading provides an easier way to turn off two-factor authentication for your account, as well as improve integration with Apple ID passwords. We also have bug fixes and other improvements.


Meanwhile, the Instagram brought a news that does not come with an update itself: from now on, the network warn users who are about to have their accounts banned for disrespecting community guidelines.

Next Instagram Ban Notice

If your account is close to banning (which is hypothetical, as I know you're a good person and don't post wrong things on the net), Instagram will display a warning informing you of the situation and listing all the irregular content in your account, between photos and videos posted on feed, comments and Stories. The warning states that if the behavior is repeated, you will have your account permanently deleted, along with your posts, file, messages, and followers.

On that same page, users may appeal the network decision at this first moment, however, you may only appeal if Instagram detects nudity content or audio messages, and other types of infringement will be added to this platform soon.

Instagram app icon

In addition, Instagram also internally changes the banning policy and options it gives its moderators: a user who posts a large amount of content with hate speech in a short period of time, for example, can be banned within hours, instead of having posts blocked.


Overcast app icon

The popular podcast app, in turn, brought news in version 2019.6: now, shared snippets up to 90 seconds in duration, and download, delete, and rating settings can be customized by podcast.

In addition, the new version has a new recommendations area which replaces the old integration with Twitter and brings some bug fixes.


Finally, the utility that gives the Mac the same integration with AirPods seen on iOS has gained some interesting additions. AirBuddy version 1.3 supports Powerbeats Pro and new AirPods with the wireless recharge case.

The update now also shows the correct LED indicator in the green wireless charging case when charged or mbar when charging / below 30%. We also have the option of displaying the battery level of other accessories (such as Magic Trackpad or Magic Keyboard) in the AirBuddy window itself, as well as not displaying the pairing interface when the device is not recognized what is useful. if you are in an environment full of AirPods.

The full list of AirBuddy 1.3 news can be read below:

AirBuddy can be purchased on your Gumroad page on a ?pay as you wish? model as long as it is over $ 5.

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