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11 ″ iPad Pro and Apple Pencil also fall into iFixit clutches [atualizado: 12,9″]

Release season like this: the hands of the intrepid pathfinders of iFixit They get tired of opening Apple's news (and competition, too) in search of its inner truth. Repair tools on the new MacBook Air and the new Mac mini have gone through their lives; today was the turn of 11 inch iPad Pro and as a bonus we also have the Second Generation Apple Pencil.

With respect to the tablet, it remains difficult to open (as usual), requiring the use of a juice tool and something slightly sharp to break the glue that joins the carcass panel. Opening the iPad Pro (and unplugging the two display cables, which are in very inconvenient positions), you are already facing the device's speakers. There are four and each one consists of one woofer it is a tweeter. Unfortunately, these components are glued to the iPad case and very difficult to replace.

iFixit disassembles 11-inch iPad Pro (teardown)

Next, a small protector covers the logic plate (also) with plenty of glue, making the process of revealing it much stickier than necessary. On the board we can see all the components that make the new iPad Pro one of the most powerful machines currently sold by Apple mainly the A12X Bionic processor, but also Toshiba's high performance flash memory and 4GB of RAM (no, this is not the 1TB model).

iFixit disassembles 11-inch iPad Pro (teardown)

The iPad Pro's dual battery pack features six stickers, each with two tabs for pulling and releasing the components. Still, inexplicably, the underside of the cells is affixed with an extra layer of adhesive and is only calling for suction tools to remove the components, ie more work. By the way, the 11 ? iPad Pro has a 29.45Wh battery, slightly smaller than its 10.5 ? predecessor (1, the component was 30.8Wh).

iFixit disassembles 11-inch iPad Pro (teardown)USB-C module

The TrueDepth front camera module, responsible for Face ID, is almost the same as that of the X / XR / XS / XS Max iPhones and, fortunately, can be replaced with some ease. Another modular part is the said USB-C port, which can be changed without moving the logic board, which is very interesting for a part of the device that will be widely used.

iFixit disassembles 11-inch iPad Pro (teardown)

On the other hand, the magnetic component that holds, recharges, and syncs the Apple Pencil is not very repair-friendly: it had to be basically torn out of the case and unusable in the process. Speaking of Apple Pencil, the accessory remains totally inaccessible and could only be opened with an ultrasonic blade that literally cut the plastic wrap around it to reveal its internal disposition, much like the previous generation.

iFixit disassembles 11-inch iPad Pro (teardown)

An interesting point: As is well known, the new Pencil has a touch-sensitive surface that detects a gesture (the double-tap) for switching functions. IFixit has found that all the accessory is covered with a capacitive layer, which not only registers touches as you can know exactly where you are touching ie we may see Apple giving Pencil new functions and gestures in the near future.

In the end, the firm gave iPad Pro (and Apple Pencil) a repairability note. 3 at 10 possible points, praising the modular USB-C port and the Start button extinction is a very susceptible component to failure, if you remember correctly. The criticism was due to the absurd amount of adhesive putting everything together, which makes all repairs more complicated. That is, no news here.

Update 11/13/2018 19:20

Today, iFixit has also posted a video (and, interestingly enough, just no article accompanying it, at least so far) with the dismantling of the new 12.9 inch iPad Pro.

In general, the internal architecture of the larger model is basically identical to its brother described above; we have a slight difference in the shape of the speakers and, of course, in the size of the battery, which is 9.075mAh here; again, the component is smaller than in the previous generation when the cells were 10,875mAh.

Overall, the iPad Pro's repair score of 12.9 ? was equal to its smaller brother, as well as the positives and negatives highlighted by iFixit. So good.