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YouTube is officially available on Nintendo Switch eShop

O YouTube arrived today, November 9, at the Nintendo Switch. Now you can watch videos from the platform Google directly from the app, which was fully designed to run on this device. Analog buttons can be used for in-app navigation in addition to the conventional touchscreen method.

The device works both to watch directly on your screen and to stream on a TV. All features are included, even video format support 360 degrees It is easily controllable by the joy-con present in the device. Experience is enhanced with Nintendo controls, since most of the navigation is done by them.

Recently the Hulu Added to the device, YouTube is the second video platform coming to this device. Users can access your Google account to access their favorite channels.

The free application download is now available at eShop from Nintendo. YouTube has promised that this first version will be enhanced to further meet user needs and correct some issues.

Other streaming apps are also expected to be available on the Nintendo Switch soon. The most awaited are the Netflix, O Twitch it's the Amazon Prime Video.

Via: TheVerge

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