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You will no longer be able to make Linux-based operating systems through SUSE Studio.

Company decides to merge SUSE Studio platform with Open Build Service and users to migrate their projects or start their new ones in the new space.

The freedom to use the software for any purpose, along with the freedom to redistribute your modifications form some of the pillars of free software, and SUSE knew how to offer the public these possibilities as simply as possible through SUSE Studio, a tool that now Its days are numbered.

SUSE Studio - Diolinux

Unfamiliar to you, SUSE Studio (or was) a project by SUSE, one of the largest companies in the world working directly with Linux as the core of the projects, as well as Red Hat and Canonical, which allowed anyone with minimal technical knowledge. could generate a custom Linux system (or distribution) based on SUSE or openSUSE.

"How have I never heard of that?" You wonder.

Maybe it's because you don't follow our work, and our YouTube channel, long enough. In 2015 I made a video showing how to use the tool to create your own SUSE-based operating system using SUSE Studio.

You who liked in SUSE Studio will not be rfo

The case that SUSE announced is closing SUSE Studio, but contrary to what many people thought, the company will actually converge the service with the system. Open Build Service, creating something better and better, ideal for those who need to create appliances SUSE for corporate use or any other activity.

Open Build Service (OBS) was used only then to generate software that ran on Linux systems, but not to build the operating system itself.

Now who used or would like to use SUSE Studio needs go to this addressFrom there it will be possible to create the new projects. The company said that from February 15 (ie yesterday) the projects started to be shut down and interested people who have projects there should do the platform migration through a tutorial made available. on the official website.

See you next time!

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