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Since the Instagram explosion we have witnessed a boom of photo retouching apps for mobile devices. XnSketch is one of these and allows the user, in a few steps, to transform their own photos into portraits or sketches. To learn more about its functions and features, we invite you to read our review.

Functions & Usage

Device: Google Nexus 4Android version: 4.2.2Root: NoMods: None

XnSketch is an app of extremely limited dimensions (2.2 KB as a plugin) designed to turn photos into portraits based on different graphic styles. Unlike many other apps of its kind, free.

On the main screen, XnSketch allows you to import photos from the gallery or take one instantly. Once the photo is selected, the fun begins. The modifiable elements are essentially the ones that make up the image, ie its brightness, saturation and contrast.

The magic wand is an automatic tool with 20 presets for instant photo change: white and black, pastel, neon, cartoon or xrox are just some of the possibilities available. All effects are very real and the results are of higher quality than many competing apps.

Once the issue is over, it's time to share the results themselves. A special icon allows you to save the photo on Android device and its size and image quality level can also be chosen. With the arrows you can share the result with friends and contacts from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Twitter, etc.


XnSketch is an app that lets you create nice and original images. It is easy to handle and its immediate use. Given its small size, a highly recommended app for any smartphone.

Screen & Controls

The controls in XnSketch are basic: the bars allow you to set a certain level of contrast, brightness, while icons clearly exemplify what effect they produce. A tutorial does not exist, but the app is so intuitive that it is not a big lack.

The design is based on a black background and is not the most beautiful, but it does not fail to do its homework, keeping all the elements on the canvas sharp.

Speed ??& Stability

XnSketch works stably and has no problems. During our tests, we did not notice any crash or strange behavior of the app.

Price / Performance Ratio

XnSketch can be downloaded for free here from our App Center. Advertising banners are displayed, but do not prevent the correct and functional use of the app.

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