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What's New in iOS 13 beta 5: Larger iPad App Icons, Enhanced Volume Control, and More!

Apple released yesterday only to registered developers, so far the iOS / iPadOS 13 beta 5. And contrary to what one might imagine, the new test release brings a very healthy amount of news to the system. Let's take a look at them?

Options for iPad Home Screen

With the arrival of iPadOS, Apple squeezed the icons on the tablet's home screen to fit more apps on one page, which, on the other hand, made it much smaller. You can now choose to stay in the new design (accommodating up to 30 icons per screen) or go back to the old model (with space for up to 20 icons).

Apps cone size on iPadOS

The setting can be found in Tablet Settings.

Enhanced Volume Control

What's New in iOS 13 beta 5Image: Vinicius Porto

In beta 5 and on, you'll have a lot more control over your device's volume: it's 34 sound levels, with a haptic return when you drag the ball up or down. In addition, the new volume bar is slightly thinner, taking up less screen space.

Share Tab

The Sharing tab, which was greatly improved on iOS 13, has gained a much more intuitive organization in beta 5. Now the screen is divided into groups at the top, you have access to your favorite actions; then the options for the app in question appear; Finally, we have a section of ?other actions? that you can manage as you see fit.

What's New in iOS 13 beta 5Image: Vinicius Porto

In addition, you can now add actions from the Shortcuts app in the bookmarks section.

Other news

  • We have new in-app background options House.
What's New in iOS 13 beta 5
  • Now the choice between Light Mode and Dark mode It is made in the initial setup of the iPhone / iPad who installs iOS 5 beta 5 will see this screen of choice, and new users should also see it.
  • The app automations section Shortcuts has been temporarily removed and should be put back in the next test release.
  • We have new in-app medals Activity for when you reach your movement goal 1,250, 1,500, 1,750 or 2,000 times.
What's New in iOS 13 beta 5Images: Vinicius Porto
  • O LTE / 4G cone The iPhone is larger and designed to keep up with the space of the signal bars.
  • The ?open in new tab? option has returned to Safari when you press a link through 3D Touch.
What's New in iOS 13 beta 5Image: Vinicius Porto

Who is enjoying the news? Tell us your experiences below.

via MacRumors