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We want to know: What will be your next smartphone?

There are so many times in our lives that we need to make important decisions, such as switching phones. Annually, every six months, or every two years, the changeover period changes slightly for each user, although everyone has to face the same dilemma at some point. As for Black Friday 2015 and Cyber ??Monday, we want to know: What is your next smartphone? Take our poll below.

Even though we don't intend to buy a device today, we usually spend days, weeks or months reviewing or comparing models. When we are sure we find the perfect smartphone, another manufacturer launches an even more spectacular new product, putting our object of desire in the background.

Galaxy S6, Xperia Z5 and Moto X Style are devices that are targeted by the most advanced users and technology enthusiasts, people who like to try new market trends before the others. The intermediate range is also always in evidence in Brazil, which this year was awarded with releases such as Quantum GO and Zenfone 2.

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No way, one time we need to say goodbye to our current fellow adventurer. / ANDROIDPIT
<p>Now we want to know: what will be your next smartphone? Top of the line, intermediate, inbound or a premium intermediate? Take our poll below and leave your purchase opinion recorded.</p>
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