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Video shows drone flying under deep-sea vessel; watch the video

Riding a drone is not exactly an easy task, it takes practice to be able to make different movements and maneuver with precision. Still, even with price and the difficulty of making more complex moves, there are riders who like to dare.

Below you can see the video recorded by a deep-sea drone skimming underneath a two-sided sailboat species. It arrives very close to the sea and the ship, watch below.

This movement considered of high difficulty, the boat is moving, there is a lot of wind in the place, waves and there is not much room to pass underneath. Still, the video pilot managed to rid the drone of a dip in the sea.

The vessel in question is a two-hull, US-made Fata boat. It was made for sailing races and can reach up to 92 km / h. Although the model of the drone used for capture has not been revealed, I imagine it is not a very large one, or the risk would be even greater.

Via: DroneDJ. [TagsToTranslate] drone