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Trump wants help from Apple on US 5G infrastructure, but company faces antenna problem for upcoming iPhones

This newly formed friendship between Tim cook and Donald Trump absolutely expected considering that both play the capitalist game and sail the seas according to the benefits they can offer each other twists most delirious in a year full of big twists, but here we are.

After visiting an Apple (non-Apple) factory and assigning himself to open the facility (although the factory has been open since 2013), Trump returned to Twitter to share some news about his meeting with Cook. An important point of the report: apparently, the American president wants Apple's help to build the 5G network infrastructure from United States.

During my visit yesterday in Austin, Texas, startup of the new Mac Pro, and the discussion of a new $ 1 billion campus, also in Texas, I asked Tim Cook if he could get Apple involved in building 5G networks in the US. They have everything money, technology, vision and cook!

Obviously, Trump's "request" has several obstacles. It is well known that Apple is very close to launching an iPhone 5G, but there is a small The difference is between launching a product capable of accessing these networks and having the technology needed to build the infrastructure that will put the same network up and running.

As much as Ma is a key player in having active 5G signal in most of the United States as soon as possible, it may simply be that the company simply does not have the tools and knowledge to enter this game even after acquiring the patents. Intel modems.

On the other hand, it is clear that Apple has the money and the willingness to enter any segment it wants to see that, for no more than five years, it was unthinkable to see Ma entering the area of ??original television productions. The question is whether there is interest from Cook and his class.

Antenna Problems

One thing for sure: If you want to help Trump with the US 5G infrastructure, Apple first has to resolve technology-related internal issues that it will embark on in future iPhones. According to a recent analyst report Ming Chi KuoMa would be having trouble supplying an important material for the implementation of 5G in the handsets.

I explain: From the iPhone X, Apple has adopted in some models an antenna design based on liquid crystal polymer (LCP), which works well at different temperatures and suitable for receiving 5G. The material, however, is more expensive and difficult to apply; For this reason, only included in the most expensive iPhones of the line iPhone XR and iPhone 11 do not have antennas of the type, for example.

Kuo says that the entire line of 2020 iPhones will support 5G networks, which would require Apple to transition to LCP on all handsets next year. This, in turn, would bring supply problems today. Ma has a contract with only one partner, Murata, to supply this material. According to Kuo, Apple would be looking for other suppliers.

Kuo also reaffirmed in his report that Ma will use Qualcomm's 5G modems on the 2020 iPhones and support mmWave and sub-6GHz bands, allowing the handsets to operate on basically all US 5G frequencies.

via Cult of Mac, iPhone Hacks | image: Shutterstock