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Top 10 beer apps for Android

It is undeniable that mobile devices and their thousands of features help us in many of our daily tasks. So why not literally combine the useful with the pleasant and use all the facilities that technology has to offer us either at the bar table or in the comfort of the sofa?

Untappd the Beer Foursquare / KegDroid

Thinking of making your life easier, we've listed 10 essential apps for you that don't drop your phone or have that beer – and vice versa. A tech toast!


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Untappd the Beer Foursquare / AndroidPIT
<p>Untappd is almost a Foursquare, which is much cooler for being beer. With it you can check in with a beer and rate it from 1 to 5, plus see the top rated beers by region. And not to let you get lost, the app also lists the nearby bars and beers of your location.</p>
<h2><strong>Beer Cost Calculator</strong></h2>
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Who ever wondered if it was more advantageous to buy a can or a bottle of beer? Instead of breaking your head in the market by making a rule of three, let the Beer Cost Calculator compare quantities and values ??and save your neurons for later.

Beer freeze

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Never let your beer freeze again! / AndroidPIT
<p>The proposal for Beer Freeze is simple, but very noble: to prevent your beloved beer from freezing and eventually becoming frozen, which will only be discovered the next day. To do so, the app triggers an alarm (audible, visual and vibrating) at the scheduled time, repeating it regularly every five, ten or fifteen minutes.</p>
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With RateBeer you will become a true Ethnic encyclopedia. The app has an extensive database with details of various beers in the world and reviews from other users. Also, if for some reason you are having trouble typing, you can fetch the beer just by scanning its barcode.

Bar Account

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When did you give the bill to each one? / AndroidPIT
<p>Bar Account is the app for you who don't want to stop drinking to do it. Just register a bar and enter the values, the app calculates everything and even divides the damage by the table people. </p>
<h2><strong>Pintley Beer Recommendations</strong></h2>
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For those who like to try new beers, this is the ideal app. Instead of simply suggesting random titles, Pintley uses your own ratings and information about your preferences to indicate beers that best suit your taste.


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Have you thought about having a sommelier just for you? / AndroidPIT
<p>BeerCloud's great advantage is the Sommelier feature, which helps you to harmonize each type of beer with the most appropriate foods, avoiding those disastrous mixtures that you make at dawn in the kitchen. In addition, the app has features similar to RateBeer and the ability to store your brewing preferences in the cloud.</p>
<h2><strong>AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker</strong></h2>
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If you suspect you are crossing the line, AlcoDroid helps you be sure by roughly calculating your blood alcohol level. Also, AlcoDroid works more or less like a diary. With it you can record your daily, weekly or monthly consumption habits, and set goals to be achieved.

My Churras

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Now just light the barbecue! / AndroidPIT
<p>With My Churras, you'll never have to worry about miscalculating the amount of beer and other drinks for your barbecue. Just enter the number of people, differentiating between men and women, and leave the rest to the app. Ah! Meu Churras also helps you calculate the amount of meat if you are interested.</p>
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After using all of these apps, driving around is certainly not a good idea. With PedeCana you can find the taxi cooperative phone number of several Brazilian capitals and go home (or to the next bar) comfortably and safely.

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