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TIM is exchanging its customers 3G chip for 4G for free

The 4G network is not yet present throughout Brazil, but that does not mean that new devices with this technology are not being released monthly. Smartphones with LTE are already a reality in several price ranges, including the latest releases offer simultaneous Dual-SIM 4G, as the case of Xiaomi Redmi 2. To facilitate this migration from 3G to 4G, TIM Brasil is switching for free the old chips of their customers. Check out the following details.

TIM will make available, for free, the exchange of the old 3G SIM-chip of all its customers for the new chip compatible with 4G technology. According to the operator, only 37% of all users of the company made this migration of compatible chip and device simultaneously, ie there are customers who use 3G chips in 4G / LTE compatible devices. According to TIM Brasil Sales Consumer Director Erika Linhares, the campaign is an incentive for users to move faster with the operator's 4G network.

huawei p8 dual sim
TIM is promoting the move from 3G chips to 4G for free. / ANDROIDPIT

How to change your 3G SIM for 4G

The director also underscores the operator's commitment to market 4G plans at the same prices as offers involving 2G / 3G connectivity. The action is valid for customers of all plans and the exchange can be made through TIM physical stores until September 30th. See all TIM stores at this link.

When requesting the chip change, prepaid users keep the recharge value, and postpaid customers keep the plan. Phone contacts must be saved in the device to keep them active after exchange. So, make sure to check out our "How to back up on Android" guide, the link is below:

What, are you the SIM card compatible with your device?

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