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These are the apps that consume the most battery and data plan of your phone!

Many blame only the always-on screen or Wi-Fi, but there are also apps (many of them extremely popular) that are real battery life, as well as overcharging the system and consuming the data plan. This article shows which ones they are.

There are applications that many find irreplaceable, but actually few really are. That's great, as some developers are not shy about using and abusing smartphone features. Many users are unaware of the true consumption of services, and this article is intended to advise you to make conscious use of heavy apps or else to find alternatives on the Google Play Store. Each quarter, AVG (Anti-Virus Guard) software company prepares a report based on data collected from millions of users around the world and publishes its list of consumer villains.

The report distinguishes between applications that run in the background automatically and start on their own after system boot and those applications that must be activated by the user. Three categories are particularly interesting in the study: data consumption, battery consumption and system performance. The AVG report only looked at apps that have more than a million downloads on the Google Play store.

10 apps that overload the Android system

Let's first show apps that overload the system as a whole and thus slow down the smartphone:

Top 10 apps that overload the system (automatic)
Top 10 apps that overload the system (manual)
FacebookSpotify Music
BBMAmazon Kindle
8 Ball PoolLINE Messenger
InstagramSamsung WatchON
Facebook MessengerSnapchat
Facebook Pages ManagerSoundCloud
ooVoo Video Call Text & VoiceClean Master
KakaoTalk: Free Calls & TextTumblr
VinePicsArt Photo Studio

It is no surprise that Facebook appears here three times with its services. The solution here remains to access the social network through the browser instead of the app or then give Facebook Lite a try.

Another service that draws attention is Clean Master, a widespread application that promises to make your smartphone system faster. The app itself does its job well by cleaning up useless services from your device, but it can do it at a high price for system operation (when activated manually).

androipit smartphone battery attack 9
The 10 apps that mistreat your battery. / ANDROIDPIT

10 apps that devour your battery

An application may not interfere with system performance, but that does not mean that it consumes low battery power. Below is a list of the top ten battery-consuming Android apps:

Top 10 battery-intensive apps (auto)
Top 10 battery-intensive apps (manual)
Beaming Service for SamsungSamsung WatchON
Security Policy Updates (Samsung)OLX Free Classifieds
Weather & Clock WidgetSnapchat
Lookout Security & AntivirusWalmart
WhatsappLINE Messenger
AppLockAmazon Kindle
Kakao Talk: Free Calls & TextBBC News
Truecaller – Caller ID & BlockRetrica

No less than three Samsung services have entered the drum list, and Facebook stands out negatively once again. WhatsApp and other messenger apps (LINE, Snapchat, WeChat) are also noteworthy here. Also be wary of the Weather & Clock Widget weather forecasting service, which consumes a lot of battery power without even being activated.

androipit smartphone battery attack 9
Data volume something almost everyone should save. / ANDROIDPIT

10 apps that consume the most data plan

The volume of data also often represents a headache for users. Here you should pay extra attention, as many think that only the active use of a particular app will consume data, a mistake that can weigh in the pocket.

Top 10 data-intensive apps (automatic)
Top 10 data-intensive apps (manual)
Yahoo! JAPANSnapchat
InstagramBBC News
Yahoo WeatherNetflix
The Weather ChannelSpotify Music
Mobile Security & AntivirusSpotify Ltd.
Weather & Clock WidgetSamsung WatchON
GrouponClean Master
WeatherBugPhoto Editor by Aviary
Beaming Service for SamsungTinder

Facebook once again finds its place on the list, silently consuming background data. In addition to it, we highlight apps and widgets of weather and weather.

Did you use one of the apps on the lists without knowing how much it consumed? Do you know alternatives that save your system, battery and data volume?

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