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There is a time of year when football is no longer a major attraction in the media world. Here in Europe, for example, Bayern Munich have just made history by eliminating the mighty Barcelona from the Champions League. In Brazil, the Brazilian Championship begins soon and many spectators will be linked on TV to the emotions of one of the most important championships on the planet.

The app we're going to test today, THE Football App, is looking for a spot in the sun among football fans with a smartphone. If the app has the potential to achieve this success and still bring excitement to football lovers what we want to look at in our app review today.

Functions & Usage

As already described in our teaser, football is a sport that moves everyone all year round, due to its meager schedule. Even when a certain championship is over, it's time to follow the news related next season. The fact is that for football fans, it is often not enough to receive trivial information about what is happening behind the scenes of the sport, but rather to have a complete information package. These are preliminary reports of a match, real-time statistical data of a match or even the main analysis after the referee's whistle.

What struck us about THE Football App is precisely this mass of information it proposes to give to its user. And do not think that only the most important leagues in Europe, namely the German, French, Italian or Spanish, which receive special treatment. On the contrary, the app gathers information from any football league on the planet. Of course, championships like the Brazilian and the Argentine are in this parade. In the German case, for example, even the female Bundesliga is even featured in the news!

In addition to news related to the main world championships, the app also brings news of football in general and videos. It is worth mentioning that the news in question is as current as possible, leaving the user-reader aware of everything that is happening in the world of football. In the app, you can filter the volume of news according to your interests, and you can highlight news from a certain country or a certain championship. As for the videos, we must mention that the app does not allow the user to change its quality, that is, change from SD to HD. This is hardly dramatic, as a 720p video already has good resolution on smartphone displays.

At first contact with the app, since it is too rich in information, everything can seem a bit complicated. So just visit your settings to enable filters linked to personal interests and determine which types of news belong to your favorites, for example. That is, a fantastic for the Brazilian Championship can organize your news feed all focused on this tournament. It is a trivial thing to be able to view the table of the league games, both the round and the back games of all teams. What impressed us were the statistics in their smallest details and also the information regarding the teams. Undoubtedly the moment when data lovers love the most in apps of this genre. In fact, THE Football App is not just about reporting a team's goal balance or how many points it has on the league table, but the app also provides a wide range of player and team information.

It's no surprise if you learn that Alexandre Pato has been substituted 15 times in the last 28 games and that in the last 2025 minutes played, 9 goals were scored with the right foot, but only 14 of 47 shots were crosses in the penalty area. Of course this is all just a hypothetical situation, but the app aims to reach that level of statistical detail.

One of the most interesting elements of the app is the ability to follow a match even while at home even if it is only in the form of text messages. You just need to enable push notifications. But beware: this function only works for real from a selection of favorite teams. That is, if you want to know everything that is going on in a complete round of a certain championship, we suggest that you just choose all teams as your favorites. We can rightly state that the timeliness and relevance of the news about major championships leaves nothing to be desired. For smaller championships, the news is not up to date: it reaches the user with some delay.


The Football App tends to take up the space of all other football apps on any smartphone. All this is because it is an app that offers the essentials, as well as bringing statistical information at such a detailed level that it is impossible not to be enchanted. Real-time news gives the app a good quality boost, as well as being reliable. We can only recommend THE Football App to those who love football.

Screen & Controls

In graphic terms, THE Football App was very well designed. The app was completely adapted to the Android operating system. Even with this adaptation (pertinent, by the way), he still had his own identity.

The new left navigation bar, similar to Facebook or Spotify, enhances navigation. The revs that we should mention is a certain slowness that occasionally happens. We will talk more about this aspect below.

The graphic presentation and commands are above average, making it fun to use the app. just as an app should be!

Speed ??& Stability

The THE Football App introduced some lags during our tests.

Price / Performance Ratio

THE THE Football App can be purchased for free from our App Center. The app is funded by banner advertising.

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