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SUSE Launches Modern Platform for Application Development and Operations Groups

SUSE Cloud Application Platform supports multiple approaches to building and delivering container-based applications.

Seeking an increasingly complete portfolio focused on software-defined infrastructure, SUSE launches the solution SUSE Cloud Application Platform.

USE Cloud Application Platform.

The new solution provides companies with the accelerated platform for delivering cloud-based native applications. Open Souce Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) maintained by the project Cloud Foundry, of which SUSE a member Platinum Cisco, Dell EMC, IBM, Pivotal, SAP, and VMware. SUSE's solution also utilizes the containers widely adopted worldwide, Kubernetes.

Both technologies have been combined to help development and operations teams take advantage of both technologies and accelerate application delivery while reducing time-to-market.

"With SUSE Cloud Application Platform, we support multiple approaches to building and delivering container-based applications."reports Gerald Pfeifer, vice president of Technology Products and Programs at SUSE.

"We are joining two open source innovation geis Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry as the core of a reliable enterprise quality solution.

This solution includes the only Cloud Foundry containerized distribution and the first enterprise-proven Linux-based SUSE Linux Enterprise. CIOs can now confidently embrace these technologies to accelerate application production."

Used by software development and operations teams, the solution optimizes the lifecycle management of traditional applications and new native cloud applications. Combining the technologies Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes, leaders in the area, the platform facilitates the integration of DevOpsby automating application deliveries, accelerating innovation, improving IT infrastructure capacity response and maximizing return on investment. It also facilitates the accommodation of a wide range of application architectures and delivery processes.

"Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry are becoming standards for platforms that support container-based application delivery today. Companies are in an unnecessary struggle to choose between these platforms, when in reality they complement each other very well. SUSE Cloud Application Platform puts SUSE in a great position to help companies benefit from the combined capabilities of these important technologies. "says Matt Eastwood, senior vice president of business, data centers, cloud infrastructure and developer research groups at IDC.

Among other capabilities, the SUSE Cloud Application Platform simplifies Cloud Foundry with a unique approach by leveraging Kubernetes for one-orchestrated orchestration container from Cloud Foundry.

The SUSE Cloud application platform based on SUSE Linux Enterprise, offering Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry in a specific operating system for containers with support enterprise.

" It's amazing to see SUSE continue to leverage open source strength, leading to the implementation of Cloud Foundry Application Runtime, containerization and Kubernetes management."says Abby Kearns, CEO of Cloud Foundry Foundation."We are also excited to see them inject SUSE Linux Enterprise into this distribution, giving companies the ability to run Cloud Foundry containers based on an enterprise level operating system. SUSE has reached a crucial mark with this distribution and so far the response from the entire Cloud Foundry community has been very positive."

"Companies are always looking to innovate by reducing the time-to-market of applications by creating IT model 2, always looking for solutions to break the platform barrier and vendor lock-in, the SUSE Cloud Application Platform solution enables companies have a scalable, automated and resilient application infrastructure. By using the Cloud Foundry standard, customers will be able to expand their public cloud applications as easily as on-premise.", points out Aslan Carlos, chief systems engineer at SUSE.

"As a member of the Cloud Foundry Foundation for over five years and experiencing virtually every aspect of it, we are truly impressed with the work done by SUSE. Using Kubernetes simplifies deployment, improves infrastructure utilization, and ensures easy integration into IT environments. Technology Choice and Open Source Distribution Business Model Reduce Cloud Foundry's Adoption Barrier and Approach Many Medium and Large Enterprises"adds Andrei Yurkevich, Altoros' chief technology officer.


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