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Student ID: How Digital and Free Student ID Works | Productivity

The student ID card, which allows the payment of half-price at theaters, concerts, theaters and other cultural events, can be issued for free through the application for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones. The document, called "Student ID", applies to all students of basic, technological and higher education. The news was instituted from provisional measure (MP) signed by President Jair Bolsonaro last Friday (6).

The digital ID will be available in the Google Play and App Store stores within 90 days of the publication of MP on the Official Union Directory. Student data will be displayed on the mobile screen without printing. For students without Internet access, the government will offer a physical version of Student ID, which may be issued free of charge to any Caixa Econômica Federal agency.

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Student ID be issued via application Photo: Divulgao / MECStudent ID be issued via application Photo: Divulgao / MEC

Student ID be issued via application Photo: Divulgao / MEC

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"Those who do not have an Internet connection take (the wallet) in the box at zero cost, those who have a mobile phone and do the whole procedure there," explained the Minister of Education, Abraham Weintraub.

According to the government, the objective of the measure is to reduce bureaucracy and to universalize access to the document, since there will be no cost to the student. Student ID will be an alternative card issued by entities such as the National Student Union (UNE) and the Brazilian Union of Secondary Students (Ubes). Both charge $ 35 for the document, plus shipping.

The provisional measure also allows the creation and maintenance of a single and national student database. When applying for a digital ID, the student must authorize the use of their personal data for the "composition of the unified register and for use in the student public policy cycle".

In addition to information about the school and grade in which the student is enrolled, the unified register has documents such as school history and attendance reports. The Ministry of Education intends to use this information, both collectively and individually, to formulate educational policies and track student performance.

Via Ministry of Education and G1

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